Programming mobile applications with Bridged technology can be advantageous depending on the type of project to be made, for some can be the ideal solution to reduce time and costs in development, but in others, you can simply carry All the problems that exist in a technology that is not native to the platform and compromise the expected performance. This happened to the company Airbnb, through a series of posts They explained their experience under this Bridged technology called React native and detailed why they will migrate to 100% native technologies for both Android and IOS.


The drawbacks of using React Native

  1. First, they found a problem of immaturity of the platform, they described it arguing that certain problems occurred that, in the native development, were trivial, but that in React native they were transformed into a major problem.
  2. Another of the main problems they had to deal with are crasheswhich basically means that the application was closed in an unexpected way. The complication that existed with this item was that these crashes were to say "strangers" and irreproducible, ie it was not easy to detect and consequently, its correction.
  3. To conclude, another of the technical problems they had with this technology, was to show long lists, because as the platform is still immature, does not provide the same flexibility and capacity offered by native development. Also, you can see application performance problems performance and the emergence of unexpected problems, this asserted by AIRBNB.

In conclusion, there are clear constraints that lead to non-native development, which can lead to a project that is not viable by technical issues, and will always go to the detriment of the user experience, not helping the Apps reactivity , and no chance of accessing the goodness of new technologies such as the Augmented Reality.

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