Augmented reality is fashionable and more and more people who know and use it as in promotions or advertising campaigns. Who would have thought that this technology was released in the public light in the year 2009 to promote events such as the launch of Avatar and popularized by Pokemon Go, in 2016. It would be the focus on multi-company development in the IT area in 2018, where large businesses are expected to focus their resources on developing and innovating augmented reality technologies. realidad aumentada
We will then mention some sectors that can benefit from augmented reality and how they could profit from it.


One of the sectors in which the augmented reality technology is predicted will set the tone in the next few years, it is the tourism sector. How not to be? When traveling, tourists are interconnected more than ever, there are information about the places they visit and without wanting to give up the independence of organizing their own agendas. This need favors the emergence of services that provide them with information in the most innovative practical way possible, seeking to improve or enrich their journey. such as the app Santiago Indígena developed by us. When a tourist visits the city, it is normal that he wants to have complete information about the surrounding environment: the buildings, his architectural style or all historical events that happened there. Now with augmented reality, mobile camera and geolocation, it is possible to have all this information in the real world through the smartphone or tablet. Applicable both to cities and to any point of interest. realidad aumentada


To be able to go to your favorite store, to aim a garment with your mobile, to know stock, materials, possible combinations or similar products that you can find in the store. What do you think if you scan the code of the garment and point your camera in front of the mirror you can see how it would look on you. Also be able to indicate distribution of the shop, where is the section of ladies or the most important promotions and discounts without having to go through the whole shop. In addition to extra information just by aiming a product with your mobile camera.


How many times you have not read the nutritional labelling of any product in the market and you have no idea if the compounds you have are good or bad for your body, if the dosage they have are moderate, or if there is simply some derivative of something to what you can be allergic. Now we will be able to have detailed information of each one of the compounds of the label of your product, origin, benefits, recommendations of storage and more only to present it to the camera of your cell phone.


Make the children's study more interactive. Study the human skeleton in a 3D model drop-down on your mobile device screen by placing it in front of the book of natural sciences or know the functioning of our body with our own body to see animations in ourselves through our screen. realidad aumentada educación


To be able to provide passers-by the direction to a destination, showing the route through augmented reality only by looking at their environment through the camera of their cell phone, even showing information about the nearest metro stops or bus routes and the destinations of each one of them with photos, maps of routes and more detail of the available stops.


Imagine you walk the museum of your city and you can read from the screen of your mobile, and even enjoy reproductions explaining the work you have in front of you, only to point your camera to the piece. Maybe walk through the old downtown of your city and relive important moments, know curiosities and information you did not know about architecture, foundation or more. The app Santiago Indígena is an excellent example, where you can make a tourist route through augmented reality.


What if we turn our client's stay into the store or the learning process of our children in a game? We could make the experience a game, adding missions, like visiting interactive historical sites, store sections or sharing promotions by being on site. They will be able to acquire points, answering questions and redeeming them for higher prizes or discounts. In conclusion, augmented reality opens up a world of tangible opportunities for users. To enrich their experiences and help them to make unforgettable each one of them. Our job at Assertsoft is to make it possible.    
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