During 2017, mobile applications have shown us how necessary and interesting they can be for users and companies; for the consumption of exclusive content and reach of digital goals. Next we will see according to, specialist portals, the development of the trends in apps that will govern for the year 2018.



Technology has made our phones ever faster and more powerful, with better processors and more memory. This has allowed us to be able to use our mobile phones as a gateway to Augmented Reality. This completely changes our impression of the usual applications and games allowing us to enrich our reality. AR technology in mobile applications will have a new impulse in 2018. Companies like Microsoft will launch multiple applications for the world market. New trends require not only mobile development but also trends in graphic and web design. Do not stay behind with this market trend, contact us and presupposed your own Augmented Reality app with Assertsoft. Augmented Reality con Assertsoft.  


Blockchain is a technology; even a new special approach to development or rather for security. Applying trends in apps like this allows you to strengthen your security protection system many times. Especially in online purchase or payment applications. Creating trust and loyalty among users. Along with two-factor authentication and other methods, they allow you to dramatically increase the protection of your users, data, and the system.  


Apple allowed developers to integrate Siri into its application only in 2017. Bigsbi, the Siri competition, is getting more and more powerful in Samsung teams. This is just one example, artificial intelligence will be integrated into all other areas. However, now only business companies can afford to develop artificial intelligence in mobile applications but the 2018 will change it completely.  


This concept no longer seems unattainable or sci-fi movies. Every day there are more elements, domestic artifacts that are able to carry the title of "smart". These can be joined in a network of authorized users. It is predicted that for the 2018, this advantage will be overcrowded generally. There are already applications such as Arduino, Raspberry or App Monitor by Assertsoft which you can access through your smartphone.  


A fast-developing market. This factor was of great development in the 2017 and for the 2018 it is shaping will continue to grow in an accelerated way. Mobile payments, cryptodynamic wallets and Internet banking have already been rethought. It remains to wait until mid-2018 to see the results.  


Our mobile devices are increasingly powerful and have greater storage capacity. But almost nobody wants or would like to download and install heavy-weight applications on their mobile devices. That's why cloud-based applications have reinterpreted the entire hierarchy of our storage. Through cloud computing, we need to install only a small application, a client, that is connected to the cloud where all the calculations are made. Assertsoft specializes in developing cloud applications and services. Optimizing processes, supporting information and improving user experience and enjoyment. Assertsoft se especializa en desarrollo de aplicaciones y servicios de nube. Optimizando procesos, respaldando información y mejorando la experiencia y el disfrute del usuario.  


The penetration of mobile applications in Asia and the world has increased dramatically in 2017. Most of which are mobile games. They are also the most popular category in Android Play and iTunes Store. Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence is the first to be used by game developers to impress players. Perhaps are the most important options that will make the games even more attractive and addictive.    
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