At the time of establishing a business strategy it is important to define objectives that are achievable, measurable and quantifiable. This standard applies in the same way in the digital business world. Only in contrast to the traditional business, in the digital world everything is measurable. The measurable nature of the digital brings to the table the importance and ease of monitoring and measuring the outcome of our business strategies.  


There are many tools in the current market that allow us to take control of our strategies, the best known is Google Analytics. These tools allow you to keep track of results better, in order to establish relevant, timely actions and to know the effectiveness of the effort and money invested. Through web analysis we can not only improve our strategy, but also the user experience when accessing our site. There are many types of objectives to define in any strategy, and many can be measured directly or indirectly with digital tools. It will depend on the objectives set in each case, these objectives can be as varied as your business or strategy requires. For example: number of online sales, visits to the web site, participation in social networks, audience by various platforms, subscription to newsletter, index of capitalization of new users and retention of others. Many of these are easily measured and almost an obligation to measure. But on the other hand many can be complicated or require more detailed understanding of audience or market.


Analytics and tools focused on the study and collection of data in web pages can help in a great way to understand market and general behavior of the audience, traffic and sometimes even interests. But there are cases where it is necessary to deepen the level of analysis and understanding of the public. Is it reaching the target audience? Possibly the specificity of the objective is very high for tools designed for web pages? How can I retain my user and how can I get to know him better?


  • Discovering your true audience
A mobile application can help you know the true interests of your audience. When talking about mobile applications we imply that the user had to have downloaded it and installed it on his cell phone, computer or tablet. Whoever did this certainly is part of your target audience. What it gives gives you the opportunity to get to know him better through the study of his browsing behavior in the app, content consumption or simply simple questions.
  • Loyalty
This point is directly associated with the previous. By knowing your real user better, you will be able to establish specific strategies based on its interest or behavior. Being able to obtain better results and offer your audience what they want.
  • User behavior and continuous improvement
Having a robust and detailed analytics structure will allow you to know and understand the behavior of your audience in your app, its mode of use, most visited sections, time of stay in section or simply what they use with more or less frequency, being able to provide you with key data for the generation of insights of your user. This can offer you a more intuitive and easy to use application.
  • Custom analysis
The analysis of data and behaviors that an application can offer you, can become all those you want, as these can be as complex and specific as you require. In an app you can get to customize the application to offer you the opportunity to collect all the data you need. In addition, many times the data and historical are stored in cloud for later consultation and better understanding of users during the time and what happened once you applied your strategies. In we develop mobile applications according to your needs, with tools of analysis and measurement to your measure to facilitate to make decisions in your business. By establishing digital strategies and action plans it is important to evaluate the actual and measuring scope of our objectives in order to develop it in the most appropriate digital environment for its fulfillment.
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