Augmented Reality or AR, has become the tool of fashion and which bet large and medium enterprises to generate commercial and memorable brand impact on your target audience.


This concept has become popular in recent years thanks to the social phenomenon of Pokemon Go. This popular application inspired by the video game and anime series, Pokemon, consists of capturing digital creatures which you can find interacting with the reality and maps of your city in real time through the mobile app. That is the magic and power of Augmented Reality, to be able to intervene in reality and offer in this an added value for the user or client: content, promotions and more. It is to grant the benefits of the digital world to the user's reality. This ability to enrich the reality of the consumer has aroused the interest of multiple companies in this innovation. Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to see information added in the real world through lenses, viewfinders and mobile applications. This differentiates the augmented reality from the already known virtual reality, since the virtual settles a fictional or fantasy world. Instead, the Augmented adds elements to the existing reality; generating more closeness and being able to build a user experience.


Large companies like Ikea have developed their own mobile applications with augmented reality. In this case it allows you to decorate your house by scanning the code of the products published in their catalogs and then focusing your camera through the camera. So you can see the layout, color and actual size of the products so that you can make the right decision. Meanwhile Timberland and multiple companies focused on retail, have created AR testers where users can scan catalogs or product labels in the store through their app, see how they would feel the garment before buying, helping the purchase decision and saving time in testers. An industry that sees a direct and very profitable use in the field of AR, is the travel industry. With the large amount of information established in maps and geolocation applications, it is possible to generate applications that enrich the tourist experience during the trip. Indicating nearby historical landmarks, transport stops, relevant information of each of the visit milestones or curiosities. It would be like having a tour guide at your fingertips 24 hours a day. Another of the pioneer companies in augmented reality is Lego, the emporium of toy blocks placed in all its stores camera devices in which when scanning the product code you can observe the toy armed and in full operation. These initiatives may sound trivial but they have increased the positive perception of customers about these brands, they have loyally ensured that the purchase is the desired one, increased sales and more. Not least, large industries are betting heavily on Augmented Reality to bring your digital goals to reality.


Assersoft has joined the new trend that leads the market and makes available to everyone the mobile application development service with Augmented Reality. In this way Assertsoft increases its portfolio of services, maintaining the quality, technology, innovation and VIP service that characterizes it. Offering its distinguished clientele the possibility of keeping up with digital trends, innovating, retaining and loyalty to its clientele and optimizing processes. Do you want to evaluate the opportunity to have your own app with Augmented Reality? Contact us.  
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